Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our 2010 Teams and Individuals: Garfo

Our group is composed of four teams: Garfo, Os Pedreiros, A Roda, and As Tartarugas Ninja


Noelle Brown

 Neil Cowperthwaite

Brian House

Ciara Pedroncelli

Os Pedreiros

Ana Ahnen


Matt Beutner

Gary Mancini

Jenn Steele

Schuyler Sweet

A Roda

Dani Lucier

Scott Millslagle

Bryan Navarro

Briana Prendergast

As Tartarugas Ninja

Quincy Brodeur-Adamo

Jared Medina

Gianna Pascale

Matt Singleton


  1. Salina loves to watch her aunt pop out from behind the tree. I cannot wait to show the videos to the high school students I teach to show them what a community service project can look like. Stay healthy, have fun and enjoy working the local kids. - Sue Steele

  2. Hello SMC Amazonites....
    We have thoroughly enjoyed your daily blogs and videos. We can tell how much the work you are doing means to you and the smiles on the faces of the children shows you are making a positive difference in their lives. Make the most of this magnificent experience. Be sure to lather on the sunscreen though! We checked and the UV index in Santarem is 10 every day. Your red skin will soon be blistered skin if you're not careful. B-ry we are so happy you are enjoying "heaven." We send our love, blessings and positive thoughts to all....
    Bob and Lenore